• 1
    Upgrade the castle to level 5, click the event button on the side to enter the event interface and find the invitation event.
    Click the menu bar on the right side of the interface to find the activity buttonSwipe the slide icon left and right to switch activities
  • 2
    After the invitation code is successfully entered, both you and your friends can receive prizes.
    Find invitation activityEnter the invitation code and click confirm
1. After the new player successfully fills in the invitation code, both parties can receive rewards. 2. Players who have created their accounts within less than 14 days are considered new players, and they can enter the invitation code after their castle level reaching 50 and linking their accounts. 3. Each player invites 101 players to reach the upper limit of rewards. 4. Each new player can only enter the invitation code once, please fill it out carefully. 5. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to tap4fun.